November, 2001

Dear friends, family and business associates,

Please forgive this mass e-mailing, but since so many of you have been asking about my latest adventure, I feel compelled to shout the news from the mountain top. . .well, at least from the top of, my ISP.

First and foremost: I am no longer associated with Mystery Bay Web Site Design. My former business partner and myself discovered we have fundamentally opposite world views, personal opinions and philosophies on how to run a business in Jefferson County.

My Cat's Eye Design remains alive and well. Customer service is my top priority, whether I'm creating a brochure, press release, résumé, family history, newsletter, Web site. . .or whatever. As I see it, my job is to use my talents to fulfill your vision. For more information on my services, click on:

I've only sent this e-mail to those of you whom I'm certain know who I am. But, if the Sandy and Hershelman still aren't quite connecting in your head, click on: My photo is there, and I'm confident you'll say, "Oh, that Sandy!"

Answers to the two other most frequently asked questions: Yes, I am still writing freelance for the Port Townsend Leader and other publications. No, I am no longer at Bank of America. . . and I do miss my customers!

If I can be of service. . .or if you just wish to say hello . .please feel free to e-mail me, or give me a call at 360.385.1087.

Best regards to all,

Sandy Hershelman

P.S. I do hope none of you were confused while searching online for Cat's Eye Design and stumbling across any unauthorized Web sites bearing my name. The only Cat's Eye sites that are under my control are: and Again, I apologize for any confusion this may have caused. . .