Volume 1, Issue 2 April 2002
Speakers make Rotary's weekly luncheons interesting

Upcoming Programs

April 4
Gibbs Lake Ropes Challenge Course
David Goldsmith, speaker

April 11
Business Week
Steven Hyer, speaker

April 18
An informative program
Mystery speaker

April 25
Rotary Roses
Wrap ‘em and take ‘em

May 2
Community Action Program
Chis Stevens, speaker

Do you realize how fortunate we are to have such an interesting assortment of speakers at our weekly meetings? Trust me, we are. As a journalist, I've sat through a lot of boring speeches. . .

Is it because we've had great program chairmen? (We have.) Or, is it because each of these individuals asked to speak is doing so about a topic he, or she, holds near and dear to the heart. That's a sure bet.

We've heard Pat Rodgers speak about his time in Washington, D.C. trying to instill some business sense into the political world. That must've been a challenge, as well as a royal headache.

Lee Koch, the CPA turned psychologist, told us how the reality of our safety and security was shattered by uncertainty and tragedy on that fall morning of 9-11.
As he spoke, one couldn't help but recall the message by Dr. Stan Thalberg. When he shared tales from his time in New York, during the aftermath of 9-11, the room was so still. No one stirred.

Those of us blessed to have grown up in a home free of domestic violence listened in awe, as former Judge Larry Wilson spoke of cases of domestic violence here in Jefferson County.
Those who have been victims no doubt sat silently, as memories flooded in from the recesses of their minds.
That the need to dominate was an issue in domestic violence was no surprise. That 50 percent of the victims are functionally-illiterate was.

Wipe away the tears! We've also had happy topics. Carter Huth brought the Rhody candidates to lunch. A great group of young women!
Lela Hilton told us of the success of the Clemente Program, which offers college-level humanity courses in an attempt to break the cycle of poverty.
And there were others. . .g
reat programs, one and all!

Mel Gates is the new program chairman.
Thank you, Karl Kostenbader for a job well done.
You deserve a break!

Everything's coming up
Frank Trafton sold 14 percent of all the roses.
Way to go!

Great job on the rose sales! Semiofficial count was 374 dozen sold, as of March 28. That's $5,670 in profit earmarked to go towards a new picnic pavilion in H.J. Carroll Park.

"What Rotary means to me. . ."

"Rotary is an enjoyable opportunity to serve the community through the fellowship of other Rotarians."

Mary Lynne Derrington
Exchange students stay in touch

Luiza Helena daCosta Depieri (Lena) was a Rotary foreign exchange student from Brazil, during the 1993/94 school year. Her brother had been here, at Chimacum High School, the year before.

Don and Sheila Burrell visited Lena's family, in Brazil, in the fall of 1994. In September 2001, the Burrells returned to Brazil for Lena's wedding to Marcos Fioravanti, an attorney.

The couple is living and working in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Marcos and Lena Fioravanti
Your editor, Sandy Hershelman
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