Volume 2, Issue 4
April 2003
Our Rotary Roses were a bloomin' success!

On April 24, the Rotary Club of East Jefferson County delivered about 380 dozen red "Rotary Roses" to surprised recipients throughout the local area.

Some of the roses even traveled as far as Clallam and Kitsap counties to make someone's day a little sweeter. Many others were taken to senior citizens in hospitals, rest homes and assisted living facilities by Chimacum High School's Rotary Interact Club.

Our Linda Germeau was the fairest rose of them all.

RC of East Jefferson County made about $5,330 selling roses — dollars earmarked for our long-range project fund.

Rotary scholarship update


Upcoming Programs
Thursdays at noon
May 1
Kevin Ryan

May 8
Bud Babcock

May 15
Jefferson County Historical Society

May 22
Jefferson County Mental Health

May 29
Cmdr. Eduardo Jaramillo
Indian Island

June 5
Jim Buck, R
24th District Representative

June 12
Don Young
Puttin' on the Ritz


John Barrett provided this update from the Rotary Scholarship Committee,"We have 29 applicants: 5 from Quilcene High School; 21 from Chimacum High School; two adult community members, who are going back to school; and one second-year college student, who got a scholarship from us last year.

"Of the 29, 21 have SAT scores of 1000, or above. A 1000 SAT score puts the student in the 47th percentile of all college-bound students nationwide. Eight of these 21 scored 1200 or above. A 1200 SAT score ranks at about the 70th percentile of college bound students. Three scored 1400 or above — these three are in the 97th percentile and higher. One has a perfect score of 1600 (99th percentile) in both English and math.

"In addition these students appear to be well rounded participating in sports, school leadership activities, Running Start, etcetera. It would appear that, in spite of the distractions of drugs, alcohol and other problems our teenagers face, our local high schools are turning out some incredible leaders of tomorrow."

Puttin' on the Ritz. . . already???!!!

Our next King of the Ritz, Don Young, has set the first meeting of his generals — a.k.a. the Ritz 2003 Leadership Committee — for 5 p.m., Friday, May 23, in the meeting room at Enclume. The meeting should last 60-80 minutes. The agenda will include areas of responsibility, preparing for the Ritz training session, and, in general, just getting the ball rolling for a fun and successful Ritz. Remember, it's our biggest fund raiser.

Ponderings from your president

"As many of you may know, I belong to several service organizations, including the Masons and the Elks. In the beginning, I had little — if any — knowledge of Rotary or what it was all about. My journey in Rotary began, as many of yours has, at the hands of Dr. John Barrett. And, as I said, at the time I wasn't even sure what Rotary was.

"John, however, seemed to think I would enjoy it and the prospect of a free lunch didn't seem too bad either. That was about six years ago — and what an education I've received during that time!

"For me, it is somehow linked to living in a small community, where the results of what you give back can really be seen. Rotary has numerous worldwide projects, all of which are important and need our undivided attention, but, for me, it's the local things we do that really stand out. Our Chimacum Schools playground, our pending picnic pavilion, Puttin' On The Ritz, our local scholarships and the latest, Rotary Roses, are just a few.

"As Rotarians we have an opportunity to show our community and the world that dedicated groups of people can make a difference. We have, without a doubt, the finest membership I've seen. Need something done? No problem, just ask and someone in the club will step forward and volunteer to handle it. It isn't hard to be the leader of a group like that. As your President for 2002-2003, it has been my pleasure to serve the club and the community."

Milt Morris

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H.J. Carroll pavilion project progresses

Plans for our long-range project, a pavilion at H. J. Carroll Park, are progressing nicely.

On April 8, Brian Belmont, Larry Howland, Ryan Tillman and Frank Trafton met with Jefferson County officials to go over some details of the H.J. Carroll Pavilion project. The following week, Frank met with the county again and filled in a few more details.

Larry Howland gets credit for this mini-pavilion.

When Frank submitted this update, on April 22, he said, "Ryan Tillman is doing some redesigning and re-engineering of the plans right now and we should get those back from him the end of this week. We will then submit for the building permit which will take about two to three weeks; and get bids on the assembly of the structure it self."

If all goes as plans, we should be breaking ground towards the end of June.

Bates keeps the pressure on for PolioPlus

Bates Thomas is dedicated to keeping us active in The Rotary Foundation's "Eradicate Polio" program.

Thanks to the efforts of Rotary and its global partners, the world is on the verge of totally eradicating the poliovirus that has destroyed so many lives in so many nations of the world. Since 1988, the number of polio cases has dropped by 99.8 percent, thanks heavily to the efforts of. . .and dollars given by. . .Rotarians around the world.

In 1985, when Rotary's PolioPlus campaign was launched, it was deemed one of the most ambitious humanitarian efforts ever taken on by a private entity. The program's goal is a polio-free world by 2005.

"As of April 18, our club has submitted $4,173 for the polio campaign," Bates said. "At the beginning of the year, I projected we could reach $5,000 — but I never was able to get an actual number from the club president or the board of directors. This number represents contributions from some 30 members, out of 50-plus. It also includes $650 of club money which is the balance of the 10 percent Ritz income commitment for the Rotary Foundation. When I say 'balance', the 10 percent is about $2,600, but we use the rest of the $2,600 for the matches ($1 for every $3 in contributions to the Foundation— regular or polio campaign — by members who are Paul Harris Fellows)."

In mid-April, Bates gave awards to Bud Babcock, Mel Gates, Don Young, Larry Howland and Wayne Kier. These were special recognition from our Rotary District to members who donated at least $250 for the polio campaign.

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