Volume 1, Issue 6
August 2002
White desires all to catch the Rotary dream

It was a great pleasure to have District 5020 Governor J. Ross White and his wife, Pam, visit our club earlier this month.

Trained as a teacher, the retired educational consultant praised his East Jefferson County "class".
"I'm not here to tell you how to run your club. This club runs so remarkably well," White said.

Instead, what he hoped to do is leave with us a sense of his Rotary dreams and goals.
"Rotary is not the same club as it was when it was formed (in 1905).

District 5020 Governor Ross White and his wife, Pam.

The club of yesteryear was different than it is today," he noted. Indeed, the abundance of female faces in the sea of Rotarians confirmed his observation.

Rotary may have changed, but our foundation remains the same: Rotary is a grassroots approach to "Service Above Self". Quality of membership is more important than quantity of membership. . .and united, we are a powerful force.

"No one can whistle a symphony; it takes a whole orchestra to play it," White said. "People come to Rotary because they have a social conscience. There is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and lifting someone up."


Upcoming Programs
Thursdays at noon


August 22
Drive yourself happy!
Rhonda Hull

August 29
Tim Manly

September 5
American Red Cross
Jim Hladecek

September 12
Mike Brentfield

September 19
Robin Comforto

September 26
Wooden Boat Foundation
Chris Kluck

October 3
Lesa Barnes

The countdown to "The Ritz" shows we're less than three weeks away. It's been a hectic run through the last month, but. . .you know what?. . .I think we've got it under control.
A lot of man (and woman) hours have gone into preparing for our annual fundraiser – and THE gala event of Jefferson County. With John Rodrigues keeping us all organized, everything has gone as smoothly as could be expected, despite his bout with the chickenpoxs.

If you haven't signed up to help. . .before. . .after. . . or during. . .the Ritz, please give John a call, at 385.9009, or e-mail him and ask, "What can I do?"

Puttin' on the Ritz
Saturday, Sept. 14
Port Ludlow's "The Bay Club"
5:30 p.m. until midnight

Be wined and dined
Enjoy auction fun and madness
Then, dance the night away. . .

From yesterday's halls of Chimacum High School. . .
This Rotarian was in Chimacum's Class of 1972. He played football and basketball, and received a Sportsmanship Award. He was on the Student Council, the "C" Club president, and an Auto Shop Aide. He listed his future plans as: work, school, captain of the basketball team.
In the Senior Class Will, he wrote, "I, (mystery grad), do hereby will and bequeath to Woody Woodley my ability to blow up cars as fast as I get them together."

So. . .can you guess who it is?
The answer will be in next month's newsletter.
Last month's "Mystery Grad" was Gary Rowe.

If this cute photo was better quality or larger, it would have had great blackmail potential. Alas, at this size, it can only embarrass him a little. . .and get your editor killed.

Sadly, this is the last "Mystery Grad" I have from Chimacum. If you know of any more of them. . .or you're one. . .send me a photo and a bio from way back when.

Port Townsend grads: Send me a photo, or bring one to lunch. . .and we can continue the "Mystery grad" feature. (You won't let Chimacum one-up you. . .again. . .will you??)



This month's
"Rotary Moment"


Ross White shared "The 4 Elements of Effective Clubs"
Sustain and grow membership.
• Implement successful service projects.
Support the Rotary Foundation.
• Develop club leaders for beyond club level.

What Rotary Means to Me

"What has Rotary meant to me? This is a good question that I may not have a very good answer for at this time. From the time I was 18, to the age of 48, I spent my life in service to my country in the United States Navy. During that time I also did some community work with the Boy Scouts of America when I was on shore duty.

After I retired from the Navy, I helped build ships for the United States Navy for eight years, which I still considered service to my country, except I was getting a little more money for that service. Still, I was helping ensure that the taxpayers were getting the best bang (no pun intended) for their buck, and the sailors that will have to go in harm's way would have the best ship and combat systems we could provide.

When I retired from that career, I moved to Chimacum, helped build a house to live in, and went crabbing. Sometimes I went clamming. Occasionally I went out and picked up some oysters. I even caught a salmon or two. Now this was all fun but something is missing. All this stuff I was doing was for me, except the house. The house was for my wife and myself.

One day Mel Gates asked me if I would go to lunch with him at a Rotary Club meeting in Chimacum. I did not really know what the Rotary Club did, but I did remember that I had an uncle that was very active in the Rotary Club in Napa, California. I believe he was there treasurer for 25 or 30 years. He took it very seriously and strongly believed in supporting his local Rotary Club.

Now I knew two guys who were associated with Rotary – and I liked both of them – so I said yes to Mel Gates. After a few meetings, I joined the Rotary Club of East Jefferson County and have met a lot of really nice people that I would not have met otherwise.

I have found out that the Rotary is a service organization that does things for the community. I have spent my life providing service for my country; and now that I am retired, maybe I can provide a little more service, but without the long periods of family separation, and all the other minor inconveniences that go along with being a sailor at sea or overseas.

So far in the Rotary Club, I have only picked up some trash on a road through town, contributed a little bit of money, passed a basket, led a Pledge of Allegiance and tried to sell some roses. But, I guess every little bit helps. I am retired, but I am doing a little for East Jefferson County and that is good. So, until I get some time in the Rotary Club, I can only say that Rotary to me is a learning experience. A learning experience that I would not be having if Mel Gates had not asked me to lunch."

Dick Curtis
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