Volume 2, Issue 2
February 2003
Howland assists Rotary district governor

It's been three months since Larry Howland took a position as one of 12 assistant governors of District 5020. He follows in the footsteps of Erik Frederickson and Quent Goodrich, who each carried the position for three years.

With 81 clubs, District 5020 is, geographically, one of the largest Rotary districts in North America. It stretches from just south of Olympia, north through the Olympic Peninsula, and into British Columbia.

Larry is available to assist the governor — an obvious duty for an "assistant governor". He's also been assigned seven clubs to watch over and help, if they need it. He meets with the president and presidents-elect of each four times a year.

"The position is a Rotary International directive," Larry said. "I'm there to help the presidents and presidents-elect with their goals. In Rotary, the clubs are pretty independent. But, I'm there to offer assistance with Rotary matching grants, and other things they might not have had experience with. Rotary is trying to make the grants easier to do," he added.

Larry's very supportive of John Rodrigues' efforts to get the three East Jefferson County clubs to work together more often.

Why did he join Rotary, six years ago? He chuckled, "I was retired and wanted to have something to do to keep active — and John Barrett is one heckuva salesman."


Upcoming Programs
Thursdays at noon

March 6
Dyrk Lansdon

March 13
Adrian Dronkert
"Mad Cow Disease"

March 20
Rhody Royalty

March 27
Greg Goarley
"Don't Forget Me"

April 3
Sheila Burrell
Jefferson County
Historical Society

April 10
Linda Kostenbader
"Space Camp"

April 17
Henry Rogers
Early broadcasting

April 24
Cmdr. Eduardo Jaramillo
Indian Island

Rotary Club
CHS students

"These students are kind, generous, respectful and responsible," said Chimacum High School counselor Ellen Thomas, who's pictured above, far left.

She was speaking about Madison Moran and Christian Goodwin — our Rotary Students of the Month.

Christian — a member of the National Honor Society — is taking tough classes, participating in a variety of sports, and working at the Chimacum Cafe. He plans to go to the Coast Guard Academy.

Madison maintains her 4.0 gpa, while playing sports and participating in clubs, including the NHS and the CHS chapter of the Rotary Interact Club. She plans to go to Highline Community College and become a respiratory therapist.

Rotary sponsors Career Day at Quilcene School

It's neat to be able to watch our Rotary dollars at work in the community.

Last month's Career Day at Quilcene School allowed the young man, at the left, to test Archimedes' principle of floatation during Burt Goldstein's engineering science presentation. Others listened to Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Apeland share about life in law enforcement.

Canine Deputy Missy may appear to be sitting politely in the above photo, but it's my guess she's protecting her cute partner from that gorilla that's leering at him!

One upon a time. . .

This member was "born at an early age", near the geographical center of the United States. As can be attested by the photo, he started work at the early age of 5, in a grocery store in Colorado. He attended college in Iowa, and left to seek his fame and fortune in the corporate world.

He was in on the ground floor, testing missile systems at White Sands, New Mexico, in the 1950s, and in Florida and California in the '60s and '70s.

He was fortunate enough to have walked around the South Pole, has flown in a tight circle over the North Pole, and has managed programs extending to all seven continents.

Our globe-trotting member retired after 32 years in the corporate arena. He was a successful land developer for a few years, finally coming to rest, so to speak, here in the beautiful Northwest.
"What Rotary Means to Me"

"What does Rotary mean to me? For me, Rotary taught me a sense of purpose. 'To do what?' you may ask. To be thankful, not only for what I have, but for the ability to help people who may not be so lucky to have what I have. To give back to my community that has helped me to grow and prosper. No, It's not money. It's the friendships I have made through Rotary that have made me rich beyond my wildest imaginations.

When I first joined Rotary, I hardly knew what Rotary was about. I knew they did scholarships at Chimacum School, which was what peaked my interest.

I had no idea of the things they do around the world, like the eradication of polio, helping the underprivileged in third world countries, and helping victims of earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, etc, etc. Believe me, I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Rotary has not only changed the lives of millions of people it has helped, but changed mine, as well. Not only has this organization given me a standard of high ethical business practices, but personal integrity, as well.

The day I joined Rotary was the first day of a new life for me — and I met a group of people that I can call my lifelong friends. I can't imagine my life now without Rotary.

Dee Weinstein
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So close to home!!
District 5020
Conference 2003
May 16-18
Nanaimo, British Columbia

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