Volume 1, Issue 1 March 2002
Finally, it's here! Your newsletter!

Note I said, "YOUR" newsletter.
That means I want. . .no, I NEED. . .your input.

Upcoming Programs

March 7
"Low-income Housing
in Jefferson and
Kitsap counties"
Melinda Suhr, speaker

March 14
"American. Red Cross"
Jim Hladecek, speaker

March 21
"Attaining an MS
in Art History"
Liz Young, speaker

March 28
"My Country, Spain"
Marc Guasch

Everything's coming up. . .
Have you been giving Frank your receipts for roses sold each week? Don't forget. . .
This is the press release I sent to The Leader, Bremerton Sun and Peninsula Daily News. As of March 7, I don't know if it has been in print, yet. I do know I haven't gotten any phone calls yet.
What better way to say, "I love you," or "You're special to me," than with a gift of roses. From Feb. 21 through March 21, the Rotary Club of East Jefferson County is selling roses to be delivered on April 25.
For just $25, a dozen long-stemmed, florist-quality red roses will be delivered by your favorite Rotarian to whomever you choose (locally!). Another option is to order a dozen and pass them out yourself, as a bunch, or one-by-one.
Not coincidentally, the timing of the delivery of the Rotary Roses is during Administrative Professional Week — the politically-corrected version of Secretary's Day.
Roses are a great way to recognize those administrative personnel who make your job a lot easier. But, let's not forget spouses, friends, neighbors, clients and fellow workers.
Proceeds from the fundraiser are earmarked for the club's long range project, the construction of a picnic pavilion at Chimacum's H.J. Carroll Park. Cash, check or credit card is being accepted as prepayment for the roses.
Don't know a Rotarian? Call Sandy Hershelman, at 360.385.1087 or e-mail hershelman@olympus.net, to order with a credit card.

Contact info missing from 2002 Directory

Beth Brown
Business 437-1344

Don Burrell

Henry Rogers

It's road clean up time with Uncle Milty. . .

Road Clean Up
Saturday, March 10
10 a.m.
Port Hadlock Q.F.C.

So, there you have it, your first newsletter.
In a perfect world, this should come out by the first of each month. My world is rarely perfect, although we can all pretend it is!
E-mail me at hershelman@olympus.net to send me tantalizing tidbits for this monthly missive.
Feel free to send me 72 dpi photos. . .the more embarrassing the better!

Milt promises you'll be done by noon. Then it's off to the Valley Tavern, where Chuck has graciously offered to feed the weary litter picker uppers.

Have a great day!

Your editor, Sandy Hershelman
Sandy Hershelman Designs