Rotary Club of East Jefferson County, Washington
Volume 2, Issue 11
November 2003
Diversity is so much more than skin color

A lot of folks might laugh at the idea that we, the Rotarians of East Jefferson County, are a diverse group of human beings. In an age when the word "diversity" is often measured by a person's skin color, religion, or ethnic origins, this bunch of 45-to-84-year-old white folk doesn't appear to be the epitome of diversity.

But, when you look at us through your Rotary classification system glasses, you see a highly-diversified group.

Chuck Russell, Publican

Private investigation, engineering, art, writing, graphic design, broadcasting, banking, manufacturing, and many more occupations share lunch together each Thursday.

Virtually all membership in Rotary is based on this classification system. The principle behind it is to ensure that each club represents a cross section of the business and professional services of the community it serves. (Diversity, right?)

While it's neat that our spiffy little Rotary badges declare our classification, the reality is we are each so much more than just that one or two word description. Mr. Automotive Machining has been a dairy farmer all of his life, and is your county commissioner. Mr. Private Investigation publishes a real estate journal. Mr. Service Industry was testing missile systems in the desert in 1950s and has walked around the South Pole.

So. . .here is what I propose. (You knew something was coming, didn't you?) To better get to know each other, I want to compose a list of. . .as Paul Harvey would say. . .the rest of the story. An example:
Sandy Hershelman (writing): Journalist, photographer, desktop publisher, Web designer, dance instructor, banker, Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman, bookkeeper, U.S. Naval Reservist, (rat) cardiovascular lab tech, and McDonald's hamburger flipper.

This should be a fun way to get to know each other better! Please e-mail me your list of jobs in the above format. Your Rotary classification is the activity you are (were) working in. Look on your badge, or in Bud's little yellow address book, if you're not sure of yours. For the rest of your entry, please list the actual jobs you've held over the years.

Don't worry if you think your list is too long. A wide variety in your job history will even better prove my diversity theory!

Chuck Boggs, Firefighting
Linda Germeau, Banking
District Leadership Training Assembly
Karl Kostenbader,
Military Consulting

The 2004 "Centennial Assembly" is being held
March 26-27, at the Mary Winspear Centre
in beautiful downtown Sidney, British Columbia.

For more info:
Shirley Walker, assembly chair
South Cowichan Rotary Club


Upcoming Programs
Thursdays at noon
November 6
Bill Howard
Port Townsend Rotary to Guatemala

November 13
Erik Frederickson

November 20
Mark Bowes
Emergency Preparedness

November 27
Happy Turkey Day!

December 4
Business loans for Vietnamese women

December 11
No lunch meeting.
Christmas dinner at Ajax Cafe, 6 p.m.

December 18
Linda Haskell
Job training

December 25
Merry Christmas!

Welcome our new members
President-elect Don Young welcomes our newest member, Syd Hatch.
Mike Blair Bob Rosen

This month we spotlight the three newest members of the Rotary Club of East Jefferson County: Mike Blair, Bob Rosen and Syd Hatch.

Mike Blair was born in Texas and raised in Southern California. He moved here last summer from Kettle Falls, Washington. Before becoming an educator, the Chimacum School superintendent worked in the juvenile justice system, was a claims adjustor, and a professional baseball player.
Five granddaughters (and four kids) proved sufficient lure to entice Mike and his wife, of 35 years, to Chimacum.
"My membership for 14 years in the Deer Park Rotary was very rewarding. I enjoy giving back to the community and I enjoy the fellowship," Mike said, of why he joined our club. (Thanks to Quent Goodrich for asking him!)

Bob Rosen was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and moved to Southern California as a baby.
He spent 45 years working in the film industry. (45 years without an unemployment check, he noted.) For 30 years, Bob operated his own company, Mistral Productions.
Bob is happily married to Pen Rosen, who he met in Thailand when she was investigating his company for the Thai IRS.
"I have three sons: Ron, a successful actor; Chad, a first assistant director in the film business; and Derek, who runs a computer firm in San Francisco," Bob said. "I bought a house on San Juan Island in 1987. The commute got too tough. We moved to the Port Ludlow area in 2000; and fell in love with our present home last year at this time — bought and sold in a couple of weeks!"
Larry Weiner invited Bob to his first Rotary meeting and he decided to join us, "As Arnold (Schwarzenegger) said, 'I just waaaaant to give bock.' Actually, this is the first time in my life where I'm not working 60 hours a week and I have time to do the things I always wanted to do. Community meant a lot to me growing up. Hey, it's my turn."

Syd Hatch was born in Salem, Oregon. She and her husband, Richard, retired to Lincoln City, Oregon in 1998. The lure of the mountains, water and islands attracted the boaters to the Port Ludlow area earlier this year.
Syd’s career has included teaching high school and college level students. She worked for 23 years in human resources within the Oregon State Mental Health & Developmental Disability Services Division.
Syd is no stranger to community service. She had been active in Rotary and AAUW (American Association of University Women) in Lincoln City, where she also served on the planning commission and hospital budget committee. Linda Kostenbader invited Syd to join our club.

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Need a makeup? Try E-Club One

Rotary's first Internet-based club, "Rotary eClub One" (District 5450), has made it a goal to serve all Rotarians. The club has designated the ability for others to make up missed Rotary club meetings as its international service project. And, yes, the Rotary Club of East Jefferson County does honor a make-up through Rotary eClub One.

Chartered in January 2002, Rotary eClub One had had 8,000 make-ups before the printing of a June 2003 article in The Rotarian. The site now says more than 11,000 Rotarians have used its service.

Make-ups are made by reading one of the informational programs on the site and completing the make-up request form. On it, you'll discuss the program you read, including how it might relate to your home club's activities. You'll also be asked to suggest topics for future makeup programs.

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