Volume 1, Issue 3
October 2002
Domain ownership is not always a given

Do you own your own domain name? Don't be too quick to answer, "Well, of course I do." In the past year I have discovered more than a dozen people who believed they owned their own domain names — and didn't.

Granted a number of them were the victims of a con man, eventually nabbed by the F.B.I. (That's another story — and it's a whopper.) But, the others were folks who assumed, just as you did, that the designer they hired had registered the site in their business' name.

Fortunately, my years as a journalist haven't totally tainted me. I still want to believe that such an error was just an oversight; that people are good and wouldn't want to steal from others — or hold a domain name for ransom.

Granted, it's easier for a designer to add a domain to his existing account than to manage 180 different accounts and all of the sets of secret passwords for each. But, it is wrong to do so, unless that move is made totally clear to the client.

You'd think it's a given that a Web site named www.jordantablowsky.com would belong to Jordan, even if the domain was registered in the designer's name. Not so.

It came close to requiring a court order to get the domain registrar to change the owners' names back to the rightful people on those sites allegedly stolen by the con artist late last year.

Unless you personally registered your domain name, it would behoove you to take a minute and check out your site's ownership. Do note, too, that some hosts allow an easy change of domain ownership to those who have the passwords to your site.

Online resources where you can check out your domain are:

If you should find your name is not the registrant, don't panic. . .e-mail me first.

Fall's here. . .I can tell:
Businesses are refocusing
Results of a typical
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I don't need to see the leaves changing to a majestic amber to know autumn has arrived. My e-mail is telling me.

As the weather changes, people tend to refocus and pay attention to all of those details they

had set aside during the beautiful summer months — like Web sites, brochures, résumés and more.

In addition to a number of local inquiries, I've recently gotten e-mails and calls from people living in a variety of states — and from Europe, as well.

For me, this is a good thing! It's much easier to be tied to my computer, as the winter winds whip through the great Northwest.

I encourage you all to take a good honest look at your marketing materials. If your Web site or brochure could use a facelift, please don't hesitate to give me a call, at 360.385.1087, or send me an e-mail.

A client wrote. . .

"We really enjoyed working with Sandy Hershelman. She is very professional, friendly, and easy to communicate with. Her creativity and journalistic talents abound.

"The appeal and warmth of our getaway cottage is portrayed in the brochure she created for us. We are delighted with the end product and highly recommend Sandy.
You won't be disappointed!"

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Rich and Sandi Reid
Fairmount Beach House

P.S. from Sandy:
It is an adorable little place, if you need a place to stay near Port Townsend.
A .pdf of their brochure is online at www.sandyhershelman.com/desktop.htm

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