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If you promise not to tell, I'll let you in on a secret. Designing websites is such fun! Venturing onto the Web was the logical progression for me following all of my years as a writer, photographer and desktop publisher. Color, design, great images, fun fonts. . .and those weird quirks thrown in my path by the HTML fairies. What more could a girl ask for??!!

Over the years, situations have changed for some of the businesses and clubs below. Sites are now managed in-house or by volunteers. I've kept the images up, though, so you can see my style.

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The manager of this vacation getaway wanted a fun showcase for the beachfront property. Energizing photos and enticing text grab the viewers' attention. Simple navigation ensures potential renters get all of their questions answered quickly and easily.

Mike Clarke's whimsical art made this site a blast to do! The site's design was driven by his bold use of color in his work. Mike's goal was to have an online portfolio that was simple and easy to navigate.

Sadly, Mike died last year. He'll be missed.



Paula is an amazing artist, whether she is at her harp, with paints or clothing, or with pen in hand. We've only begun to create a site for Paula to market her talents.



The Lawtons have some phenomenal footage of glaciers calving. The best way to promote the DVDs for sale was to show video clips on the site.

Credit cards are accepted by phone. But, selling only a few items, PayPal is, for them, the most cost-effective method for online payments.



Builders Rick Landis and Fred Kimball want their website to grow, as their cottage neighborhood developed. We started with little more than building site plans and photos of the view. Now that the homes are sold, it's a portfolio of their work — and a launching pad for the next development.

Kurt wanted an online portfolio of his work. Once I stopped staring in awe at some of the photos he e-mailed me, I set about to create a "photo album" for him. The photos are striking, "matted" against a black background. We still need to infuse more verbiage into the site to please the search engines ranking systems. . .


More of Sandy's portfolio. . .





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