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Written words are my specialty!

Don't fumble around for the perfect phrasing or wonder about proper grammar. Allow a professional writer to capture your ideas on paper. It takes only seconds to make a first impression. Make sure it's a good one.

Sound Business Practices:
Business Management Articles

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Feature Stories and Essays

Just who is the queen of my answering machine?
Writing for Jacob, the story of how it all began
Cookbook features bug cuisine
Barbara Cochran, a.k.a. "Tugboat Annie"
Softball's fun, but a knee killer
Humorist Pat Neal's WildLife
Luke Tornatzky's colorful art
Sam Spade, super pup
Tours bring Port Townsend history to life
Captain Bry's sailing charters
Classen Chemical Company's Old Alcohol Plant
Henry Rogers: My man for all seasons
Port Townsend History

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